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      When I qualified as a Colour Therapist for Interiors, it was with the intention of working as an interior designer, with the emphasis on the beneficial use of colour. I worked with clients to use their colour choices to create environments that were good to be in. They could be vibrant, exciting, tranquil, but always comfortable to be in.

I discovered that lots of people wanted a more colourful home, and a welcoming living environment, but weren't confident in choosing and using colours, preferring to play it safe. Lots of people didn't want to employ a designer, they wanted to be able to do if for themselves, and I started running courses, to give people the knowledge to use colour with confidence.

I now run courses throughout the year, on selected weekdays and Saturdays. The courses run from 10-4, and I provide lunch and refreshments. They are for a maximum of 4 people, and cost £50 per person.

As well as learning loads, creating a file for future reference, colour charts showing the effects of colours, and how best to use them in the home you will be working in a relaxed and social atmosphere.

  colour therapist, artist & printmaker